hyacorp mlf1

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Hyacorp MLF1 is intended to be used for volume restoration and contouring of buttocks, calves, correction of concave deformities and regio zygomatica.
HYAcorp MLF1 can be injected by observing normal precautions.

This product is made in europe.

Minimun quanity for this product is: 4


HYAcorp MLF1

Composition of HYAcorp MLF1

Na-hyaluronate, cross-linked 20 mg
Sodium chloride 6.9 mg
Water of injection ad 1 ml
Cross-linking degree: *** mid level crosslinked HA
Particle size: 200 – 350 um
Viscosity: 13.000 – 16.200 mPas
Shelf Life: 36 months
Storage temperature: 2 C to 25 C
How supplied: 10ml