Buy Divineus Deep Lidocaine

Divineus Deep Lidocaine (1×1.1ml)

Minimun quanity for this product is: 10


Buy Divineus Deep Lidocaine is made up of fine-tuned gel particles of the filler enable to achieve Precise Pressure Output, ensuring Smooth Injection and Stable Operation.

Created by research and development of the Best R&D Manpower in the industry by introducing the Latest Experimental Equipment
Has been proved through Strict Quality Control & Guarantee System which enable to maximise the effect of wrinkle improvement and volume recovery after the procedure.

HAMC (Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Correction) Technology with the cross-linking process delays decomposition in the body and improves the duration after the procedure.

Through the Real-Time Monitoring of hazardous substances such as endotoxin, heavy metals and microbial contamination that might occur in the manufacturing process, we Have Eliminated the Risk Factor and Secured the Safety by completely eliminating the toxic substance BDDE from the dialysis process.