• Aqufill Hydro (1x2ml)

  • Stretchcare Containing clever and effective skin revitalisation ingredients to help strengthen the skin to make it firmer. This product is made in europe.

  • Radiesse (1x3.0ml)

  • Teosyal Redensity II PureSense (2x1ml) One of the most advanced gels to treat the delicate eye area and dark circles, as well as offering complete purity and a guard against free radical generation.  This product is made in europe.

  • Glytone Professional 3 (2x1ml) Glytone 3 Sir Intraderm is a more intense solution than Glytone 2. This product is made in europe.

  • Cytocare S Line (1x3ml)

  • Sofiderm Derm (1x2ml)

  • Ellanse M (2x1ml) An effective treatment designed to stimulate your skin to produce its own natural collagen for more youthful appearance for up to 2 years

  • Peptidyal (5x5ml)

  • Aliaxin FL Firm Lips (2x1ml)

  • Algeness Agarose Subdermal Filler HD (1x1.4ml)

  • Singfiller Deep 2ml This a medical grade filler produced by a specialist medical and surgical supplies manufacturer, which works by attracting water to the HA molecules and not just creates volume but also hydrates the skin. Treatment – moderate to deep lines, nasolabial folds, perfect for cheek enhancement and as a long lasting solution for…

  • Godgel Finelines (1x2ml)

  • Vivacy Stylage XXL (1x2.2ml) STYLAGE® XXL is designed to treat mature skin which shows signs of sagging and facial hollows.  This product is made in europe.

  • Vivacy Stylage Hydro (1x1ml) STYLAGE® Hydro has been specially formulated to treat skin that moderately lacks in hydration. The face, neck and hands are left feeling and looking revitalised.  This product is made in europe.


Botulinums, with the most popular known as Botox, act to inhibit chemicals inside the nervous system which normally cause muscle contraction and frowning.


The importance of cosmetics should never go understated. Cosmetic creams and serums are an alternative to injecting gel into the upper to deep skin dermis layers of the skin.


With a growing number of women turning to homeopathic and natural plant extract based medications to improve their health and wellbeing, it makes sense that beauty should be…


Advancements in technology are such today, that when a body joint is lacking in its natural lubricant, causing arthritis pain and decreased mobility, it can be safely corrected.